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Gas RC Cars

Intermediate Level: Welcome to the world of gas RC cars. These are the 1:5 scale radio controlled cars, the biggest of them all...and they run on gasoline!

The most popular brands are FG, HARM, and Technokit. Although more popular worldwide, 1/5 scale gas powered RC cars are beginning to build in popularity in the U.S.A. and have sanctioned races at select tracks around the country.


1:5 scale gas powered rc cars are definitely part of the high-end of the RC Hobby Universe. Gas powered RC Cars sell anywhere from $900 to $4000 and even higher with hop up modifications.

The most popular modified engine is the Zenoah G230 5.5 HP engine which runs on gasoline mixed with two-cycle oil at a ratio of 32:1. This works out to four ounces per one gallon of gasoline. Very similar to your garden variety weed whacker!

Here's a picture of the HARM Porsche Carrera GT:


Part of the fun of getting your own gas powered RC car is designing and painting your own body shell. These shells come in the clear form of popular racing cars such as Opel Astra V8, Mercedes CLK, Honda Accord with CFK wing, BMW M3 GTR, Audi ABT TT-R, and more. Here's what a clear shell looks like on the chassis of an FG Sportsline...

The 1:5 scale gas RC cars can be purchased either RTR or as a kit. You need to make sure you also select the correct radio system since special high torque servos are required to control the car.

Also, this one of the instances where a third servo can be installed exclusively for braking. You can cheat and have the throttle servo also control the braking but the pros recommend keeping it separate and I agree. This way you have separate control of each feature. Plus, the braking works on the front tires which keeps it totally separate from the power drive of the rear axle.

Here's a very impressive pre-race picture of the Baltar Cup 2004:


Here's a good close up shot of the chassis of an FG Sportline on the left and the HARM SX3 on the right:


Another popular body style is the Formula 1.

Here's a group picture of the gas rc cars and their owners (courtesy of Molzer Mowery Racing):


Click here to see live video of the Formula 1 class in action!

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