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RC Airplanes Index Page

This section of RC Hobby Universe focuses on all different types of RC Airplanes. These include:

Each page contains an overview and some examples of the more popular Radio Controlled Planes ranging from Beginner to Expert.

Most Beginners will start with an easy to fly two channel or three channel electric powered plane.

The two channel versions are controlled one of two ways:

The first type of 2 channel plane has channel one controlling the throttle (speed) of the motor and channel two controlling the tail rudder.

The angle of the main wing and tail elevator tabs are positioned to naturally allow the plane to ascend. So the more throttle the plane receives the more of an angle it will ascend.

An example of the 2 Channel Throttle-Rudder version is the Megatech CC Flyer:

Megatech CC Flyer RC Airplane

The second type of two channel radio controlled plane has two motors and no ailerons, rudder, or elevator.

Ascension is controlled the same as the first version with the main wing and elevator positioned in a slightly upward angle.

Steering is controlled by the amount of power distributed to each motor.

Even power and the plane will fly straight and upward.

More power to the left motor will cause the plane to bank to the right, and more power to the right motor will cause the plane to bank to the left.

An example of the 2 Channel Dual Motor Right-Left controlled version was the Cox EZ Flyer (no longer available)

Cox EZ Flyer RC Airplane

Click on each of the links to read more about the type of RC Airplanes that interest you including three and four channel versions!

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