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Expert Level: when it comes to flying radio controlled vehicles, the RC Jets are the biggest, fastest, and most advanced of them all. These aircraft are very large replicas that often include retractable landing gear and are powered by real micro turbines that run on plain old hardware store variety kerosene.


These aircraft can go over 300 mph!

The RC Jet turbine engine works on the same principal as a real turbine: cool air is pulled in through the front by a spinning turbine fan, it's compressed into a narrowing chamber while kerosene fuel is sprayed into it. The fuel then gets ignited by a glow plug and as the air expands from the fuel explosion, it gets force out through the rear of the casing and spins the second turbine, creating a very high level of thrust.

Here are some examples of micro turbine engines:


When an RC Jet flies at very high speeds, the aircraft needs to be as streamlined as possible. This makes it more stable and less likely for stress to occur from shaking. Part of streamlining the aircraft includes having retractable landing gear. Not only is this a recommended necessity, but it looks cool too watching it operate during take-offs and landings.

rc-jet-retractable-landing-gear Watching these big birds fly is really a great thrill and any chance you have to stop by an airfield where these are being flown is well worth the time.

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